Supratta Records  (founded in 2013 by Joey Supratta) is an independent Record Label based out of Los Angeles, CA and consists of 7 artists: Joey Supratta, Ttereve, Hollow Brooks & Eterna (of Seriate Collective), Million, Izzo, & R&B singer C. Roll. With Supratta Records (Also known as S.R.) being home to these unique and talented artists, each member showcases their own sound and style differently. Together, the artists of S.R. have performed at many well-known venues and arenas such as: The Roxy Theater, The Key Club, and The Viper Room in Hollywood, all the way to The Airliner & The Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, and many more.

 With their undeniable drive and determination, S.R. has no plans of stopping anytime soon. 

Supratta is more than just a name or brand; It’s a Family