C. Roll  (Christopher Rolon) is an R&B Singer/Vocalist/Freestyle Artist based out of Los Angeles, CA born on October 18, 1993. He is currently working under Supratta Records, alongside other Hip Hop artist. His background in singing began in 6th grade, becoming apart of the Choir at his junior high-school, Hale Middle School, where he would meet the creator of the Supratta Records, and longtime friend Joey Supratta. Along with others, they began to make music either at school or on the weekend with their free time. After 5 years in choir and graduating from high school, C. Roll would focus his attention on backyard jamming and freestyle sessions with other local artists and friends as a creative outlet. He has released a few tracks and featured on tracks such as: Without You - Feat. Joey Supratta, Hotel Party - (Feat. E.M.C, C. Roll, & Joey Supratta). With the introduction of "The Family", C. Roll along with the rest of The SuprattaFamily over at Supratta Records, strive to build the company name, and encourage real music, and real vibes.