In 2013, Hollow decided to form "Seriate Collective" in hopes to take his career to the next level. Seriate continued to perform at well known venues with members of Supratta Records, (in which Hollow is Vice President of) opening for acts such as: RedMan & Method Man, Strong Arm Steady, Fashawn, Murs & Cozz.

Hollow Brooks  has been paying his dues as an up & coming artist & musician for years now. His passion for music was born when he started playing the drums at the age of 7. Hollow was born and raised in Inglewood, CA before moving to Calabasas at the age of 8. At 9 years old, he then moved into an apartment complex in Woodland Hills, CA where he met and grew up with Supratta Records artists: Joey Supratta & Ttereve. Throughout middle school, Hollow played drums for numerous metal/hardcore bands and on occasion, he would write the band's lyrics. During his high school days, he began dj'ing and mashing up rap/hip hop acapellas to dubstep & electronic dance music. He then formed a dj duo group called "Henchtroops" who were known for wearing stormtrooper jackets zipped all the way up, hiding their faces.
(Henchtroops* also premiered as Djs in Chanel West Coast's music video, "Hittin' Switches". Check it out!)

Although, Hollow Brooks dibbled and dabbled with all genres of music, his main passion was producing hip hop and electronic beats. He was then asked to join a hip hop group, where he had met Eterna, back in 2012. By that time, he was already studying and taking courses in Audio Engineering for 3 years. During the time of his former group, Eterna and Hollow Brooks had created a side project which consisted of only the two of them. Hollow booked their first show at a historical venue in the valley, known as "The Cobalt Cafe". That's when everything between them took flight. As they booked more shows, Hollow asked childhood friend, Joey Supratta, to join them on stage. Since then, they've been making history together.

SERiATE COLLECTiVE  is consisted of 3 members: 
Hollow Brooks (Emcee), Eterna (Emcee), and DJ G*RU (DJ)

Seriate is apart of an independent label, known as :

Supratta Records‚Äč 

Warhol's Couch

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  is an up and coming female artist from Woodland Hills, CA. At a young age she began playing jazz trumpet where she competed with the top jazz bands in the nation. This journey brought her to New York and Savannah, Georgia where she was able to meet and play with legends such as Wycliffe Gordon and the famous Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. Eterna also played trumpet for Michael McDonald and Styx during a benefit concert. She began producing and DJing in her spare time until she met Hollow Brooks. The two clicked immediately and began recording music together. Her raw dark lyrics capture the attention of listeners and have earned her much respect from her peers. She recently finished her first mixtape Insomniac Vol. 1 which is available to download on Datpiff. Since early 2012, Eterna has opened up for acts such as RedMan & MethodMan, Joe Budden, Cozz, Fashawn, & Strong Arm Steady. She is a member of Seriate Collective which is a part of the independent record label, Supratta Records. 

What makes Seriate Collective so tight and driven, is their close and trustworthy circle that they've know for years. The future of Seriate  becomes brighter and brighter each day. They are always venturing for something new. After winning Sean Healy's Competition, they had announced their DJ (DJ G*RU) as an official part of the team. His loyalty and understanding of what Seriate's GOING to accomplish is what brought him into the family.

"Stick with Seriate for the ride and be a part of the COLLECTIVE."